Trials Across Canada

Canada has one of the world’s greatest justice systems.

2020 saw my involvement in a number of business and real estate trials, including a shareholder arbitration about a commercial property, a private mortgage contract trial and a real estate joint venture trial.  Although Jury trials ground to a halt, I continue to be consulted on many personal injury cases for valuation and resolution purposes. I look forward to the return of Jury trials.

For 2021 my practice is expanding to offer trial services across Canada.  I’m always on the lookout for interesting civil trials and national mobility agreements permit lawyers to practice for up to 100 days in common law provinces (additional rules apply to Quebec and the Territories).  Trial advocacy knows no boundaries and I plan to keep all trials under 100 days!

If I can assist you or or any colleagues or clients with trials in Ontario or across Canada, I’m available to discuss collaboration ranging from trial consulting to co-counsel and lead trial counsel work.

Mick Hassell
Canadian Trial Lawyer

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