We help law firms, businesses and individuals value, build, settle and try civil cases through the following services and packages:

Trial Resources

$0 to $150 plus HST

Civil trial resources are available online, many of which are downloadable pdf or word files ready for immediate use.

You can start with our online trial resources and then add trial consulting or a package for case-specific insights.

Trial Resources

Trial Consultation

$750 plus HST

Document review may be additional

A meeting or telephone call to discuss any case, pre-trial conference or trial.

The focus of a trial consultation may be on how to value, build, settle and try the case, with a potential emphasis on trial preparation and conducting trials.

Document review may include a summary, pleadings and key documents or mediation briefs or pre-trial conference briefs.

All trial advice is confirmed in writing.

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Pre-Trial Package

$2,500 plus HST

We have significant pre-trial conference experience and know what information Judges need to address key pre-trial issues: settlement and trial management.

The pre-trial package includes:

  • A copy of HOW TO WINg A TRIAL (or additional trial consulting if you already have a copy)
  • Access to relevant pre-trial conference forms and precedents
  • One round of feedback on your draft pre-trial conference brief
  • A review of all pre-trial conference briefs with recommendations for the pre-trial conference

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Trial Package

$5,250 plus HST

Trial experience helps us see the endgame. You can leverage our trial experience for case-specific insights.

You and a seasoned trial lawyer will do a deep dive into the 6 Trial Fundamentals as applied to your case, with an emphasis on how to marshal the evidence to enhance success at trial.

The trial package includes:

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Trial Representation

Fee quotes are on a case by case basis

In select cases, we accept retainers to conduct pre-trial conferences, trials and arbitrations.

The cases in which we provide trial representation are high-value cases and cases that are meaningful because of issues of hardship, principle or legal precedent.

Our intake process for trial representation can be rigorous and may involve a fee before we commit to representation.

In any event we provide a preliminary trial opinion including trial recommendations.

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