We help law firms, businesses and individuals value, build, settle and try civil cases through the services outlined below.

Single Consultation

A meeting or telephone call to discuss any civil litigation case, pre-trial conference or trial.

Document review before the consultation may include:

  1. Summary and key documents,
  2. Pleadings and key documents,
  3. Mediation briefs, or
  4. Pre-trial conference briefs.

All trial and litigation advice is confirmed in writing.

Consult Trial Counsel

Trial Consulting

You can leverage our trial experience for case-specific insights when it comes to preparing for and conducting your trials.

Trial consulting is delivered through a series of meetings and/or telephone calls to get your case ready for Court.

We can also be available on-call during trial.

Consult Trial Counsel

Trial Representation

In select cases, we accept retainers to conduct pre-trial conferences, trials and arbitrations.

The cases in which we provide trial representation are high-value cases and cases that are meaningful because of principle, hardship or legal precedent.

Our intake process for trial representation is rigorous and we may charge a fee for time spent considering whether or not to accept the case. If we charge a fee, we provide trial recommendations.

Consult Trial Counsel

Trial Opinion

Trial experience helps us see the endgame.

We provide lawyers and clients with trial opinions on the merits of their claims and trial recommendations.

The depth of a trial opinion may include reviewing key documents, witness statements, expert reports and may involve client and witness interviews.

Consult Trial Counsel

Neutral Case Evaluation

Our regular evaluation of cases for trial has evolved to include an ADR option: Neutral Case Evaluation.

In a Neutral Case Evaluation, the case is evaluated for all parties to consider jointly in support of their efforts to negotiate, mediate and possibly arbitrate the case.

Neutral Case Evaluation

Trial Resources

Beyond our services, we offer online trial resources to help you get ready for trial.

The online trial resources are immediately available 24/7 and include a trial book, trial manual, trial checklist, trial forms and more.

Trial Resources

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