Trial experience helps us see the endgame.

Litigation Consulting

For potential cases and cases in early stages of litigation, we offer litigation consulting to discuss the VAST Claims Methodology applied to your case:

  • Value
  • Assemble
  • Settle
  • Trial (long range issues)

Our litigation consulting typically involves reviewing a summary (or the pleadings) and key documents, a telephone call to discuss the case, followed by advice and recommendations on the litigation.

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Trial Consulting

For cases approaching a pre-trial conference or trial, we offer trial consulting to discuss the 6 Trial Fundamentals as they relate to:

  • Pre-trial conferences
  • Trial preparation
  • Trials

Our trial consulting may involve reviewing mediation briefs or pre-trial conference briefs, a telephone call to discuss the case, followed by advice and recommendations on the 6 Trial Fundamentals.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

For parties interested in cutting to the chase, our Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) practice can assist.

We act for clients in:

  • Collaborative Civil Law
  • Negotiation
  • Mediation
  • Neutral Case Evaluation
  • Arbitration

Our ADR services generally start with evaluating claims, followed by recommendations and implementation to bring about an end to litigation.

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Trial Representation

For select cases we accept retainers to take a case to trial or arbitration.

Our trial and arbitration representation is reserved for cases that are meaningful for one reason or another, which may include striving for Justice, the amount in dispute, principle, client hardship or legal precedent.

Due to the intensive nature of trials and arbitrations, there may be a fee to evaluate the case prior to a trial fee quote and commitment. Such a case evaluation fee will be applied to any trial fee quote and we will provide trial recommendations based on our evaluation.

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