Mick Hassell

Mick Hassell
Trial Counsel

Toronto: (416) 944-2274
Collingwood:  (705) 464-2274

Mick helps law firms, businesses and individuals advance civil trials.  He has been lead trial counsel on a variety of trials, arbitrations and hearings on the merits. 

Mick has been consulted by lawyers, business owners and individuals, including self-represented litigants, on hundreds of cases.

Mick is the author of HOW TO WINg A TRIAL, the Ontario Civil Trial Manual, Civil Litigation D.I.Y. and the Ontario Civil Trial Checklist, among other publications.

Mick is a graduate of the Canadian Securities Institute (CIM), McGill (B.Com.), University of Glasgow (M.Phil.), Western Law (LL.B.) and a member of the Law Society of Ontario (Barrister-at-Law).

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