Ontario Civil Trial and Court Forms & Precedents

We have trial and pre-trial conference Court forms and precedents and more available for purchase. Most documents are in word format so they can be edited. Many are based on the Rules of Civil Procedure and Ontario’s Evidence Act.

The Court forms and precedents are legal information, not legal advice. All sales are by Hassell Management Limited and secure payment is by credit card through PayPal. An email with a download link and receipt will be sent to you upon purchase. Law firms may want to consider disbursing specific forms to their clients.

Please click on a category below to browse our professionally formatted Court forms and precedents that can be used on a single case or multiple cases:

Trials (corresponds to the Ontario Civil Trial Manual)

Pre-Trial Conferences

Settlement (rule 49 compliant offers, minutes of settlement, releases)

Civil Action (from statement of claim to set down for trial)


Removal from the Record

If you do not find what you are looking for, please email info@trialcounsel.ca for additional Court forms and precedents.

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