Ontario Superior Court of Justice Trials

Ryerson LPP Trial Advocacy Workshops

Ryerson’s LPP teaches trial advocacy at a very high level.

Recently, I was fortunate to participate as an advisor, assisting LPP candidates with cross-examination skills.  The cross-examination workshop was led by Sheila Block and Jim Seckinger, who literally have decades of teaching trial advocacy internationally.  Sitting in on the cross-examination demonstrations left several experienced trial lawyers wondering whether they were advisors or students!

6 Fundamental Cross-Examination Skills were emphasised:

  1. Use headlines to outline the area/topic for examination;
  2. Ask leading questions;
  3. Each question should relate to a specific time, person, place or event;
  4. Listen and follow-up;
  5. Organise your topics to advance your case; and
  6. Focus on the listener (witness and decision-maker), with the ultimate goal of having the decision-maker take a note.