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Lions of the Trial Bar

Lions of the Trial Bar is several years old, but remains an entertaining read for trial war stories and attitudes towards trial practice.  The article looks at a number of famous American trial attorneys.  Some fun quotes follow the photograph below.


“Any lawyer who tells you he’s never lost a case hasn’t really tried that many cases.”

“Most cases, despite all the technicalities, come down to that: Did your client act in good faith or bad faith?”

– Bernie Nussbaum

“By not trying the small cases, the lawyers don’t get the courtroom experience.  So when the huge, bet-the-company cases come along, there are only a handful of trial lawyers who can handle it.”

– Joe Jamail

“But they didn’t understand how much I hate losing.  Yeah, I love winning. But I hate losing even more.”

– James Neal

“I get so many calls from corporate executives and general counsel telling me that their outside lawyers want them to settle just to avoid trial.  But these companies don’t want to settle. So they call me. I love getting that call.”

– Fred Bartlit

“If you can railroad a bad man to prison, you can railroad a good man. That’s why we should always vigorously fight for the constitutional rights of even those who are most despised in our communities.”

– Bobby Lee Cook

“The emphasis on specialization of practices is not all good.  I strongly encourage today’s young litigators to take on one or two crim­inal cases every year.  It will make your civil trial practice so much better.”

– James Brosnahan

“I won all but two of those cases.  And I would have won them if my clients hadn’t kept reloading their gun and firing.”

– Richard “Racehorse” Haynes

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