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Toronto Trial Sittings Project a Huge Success

Despite a massive caseload, the Toronto Region of the Superior Court ran a hugely successful trial sittings this fall for personal injury trials.

Historically, personal injury start dates were scattered throughout the fall and spring months, with jury panels being rounded up multiple times throughout those months.

For fall 2017, Toronto scheduled roughly 150 personal injury trials to start during the 4 week period commencing November 27, 2017.  A single jury panel of 300 prospective jurors was required.

Of the 150 or so trials, only 2 proceeded to select a jury.  This success would have been no easy feat, with the Judges and Trial Coordinators overseeing the project devoting massive time and effort to make the sittings a success.

Another 250 or so personal injury trials are scheduled for the 4 week period starting June 4, 2018.  It will be interesting to see if the success can be repeated, which would mean 3 or 4 trials go ahead.

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