Ontario Superior Court of Justice Trials

Personal Injury Trials in Ontario

Over the past 5 years, 59.26% or roughly 60% of all trials before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice civil trials have been personal injury-related.

45% of all civil trials in Ontario were motor vehicle accidents and 15% of all civil trials were other types of accidents.

Over the past 5 years, an average of 26,702 personal injury Court cases were started each year before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.  Of those cases, an average of 1,388 go to trial each year, or 5.19%.

Motor vehicle accident cases are a little more likely to go to trial than non-motor vehicle accident cases.  For motor vehicle accidents cases, 5.35% get to trial.  For other accident cases, 4.75% get to trial.

With insurers preferring to have a Jury involved, it’s safe to say that personal injury trials as a whole account for a large portion of Jury trials in Ontario.

Hassell Trial Counsel offers trial retainer arrangements to personal injury law firms.  Retaining a trial lawyer enables the personal injury lawyer of record to avoid the time and disruption of going to trial. Most personal injury lawyers can resolve multiples cases in the amount of time it takes to prepare for and go to a single trial.  It makes financial sense to hire a trial law firm to conduct trials as your law firm’s agent.

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