How to Prepare a Joint Trial Document Brief

A joint trial document brief is a best practice for trial.

Trial goes a whole lot smoother when counsel can agree on a joint trial document brief.  The cooperation in vetting documents down to what matters helps keep the volume of paper down and the trial focused.

Negotiating a joint trial document brief simply involves going back and forth with a proposed index, with both sides adding what they see as required for their client.  A final review is needed once assembled to ensure completeness.

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In coming to an agreement on a joint trial document brief, the following 5 issues should be addressed:

  1. What to include;
  2. What documents are agreed to be authentic;
  3. What documents are agreed to be admitted for the truth of their contents;
  4. Who is going to arrange for copies to be made and how many copies; and
  5. Who is going to pay for printing and binding.

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