Ontario Civil Trial Forms & Precedents

The organisation of the trial forms and precedents below follows the structure of the Ontario Civil Trial Manual and the 6 trial fundamentals.

1. Story

Agreed Statement of Facts

Request to Admit

Response to Request to Admit

2. People

Witness Management Spreadsheet (useful resource described here)


Expert Affidavit – Basic Version

Expert Affidavit – Detailed Version (more persuasive than basic version)

3. Documents & Things

Trial Document Brief

Joint Trial Document Brief

Request to Admit

Response to Request to Admit

4. Law of Evidence

Evidence Act Notice for Business Records (Evidence Act sections 35 and 55)

Evidence Act Notice to file Medical Reports (Evidence Act section 52)

Evidence Act Notice for More than 3 Experts (Evidence Act section 12)

Acknowledgement of Expert’s Duty

5. Trial Procedure

Sample MVA Jury Questions

Trial Management Plan (for simplified procedure trials starting 2020)

6. Substantive Law

Trial Factum

Trial Brief of Authorities

Additional Court Forms & Precedents

More Trial Forms