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Commercial Arbitration: On the Record with Alex Turner

On the Record, Episode 17 is about commercial arbitration.

Mick Hassell interviews Alex Turner, a litigation lawyer at Bales Beall LLP, whose practice focuses on estate litigation, civil litigation and employment law.


Alex’s interview is the first time Mick has interviewed an adversary – Alex and Mick battled in a commercial arbitration that went through a full hearing to an award, conducted pursuant to the Arbitration Act, 1991.

Alex points out some of the advantages of commercial arbitration, especially for small commercial disputes where an amount between $35,000 – $90,000 is at stake.

For those interested in reading up on the process followed, the parties agreed to Hassell Arbitration’s rules for claims over $50,000 with modifications.

Arbitrator Marvin Huberman was appointed by the parties to hear the case and wrote an award that Alex describes as, “very helpful because it showed exactly [Arbitrator Huberman’s] thinking in making the award.”

Please click here and scroll down to Episode 17 for Alex’s interview

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