Civil Practice Court

Civil Practice Court was introduced to replace Motions Scheduling Court in Toronto.  It’s main function is to institute a gatekeeping Judge for long and/or complex motions and applications before a Judge, such as motions for summary judgment.

Simple motions up to 2 hours long can be scheduled by email.  Longer and more complex motions before a Judge require an attendance at Civil Practice Court to get a date and possibly set a timetable.

Civil Practice Court is held on the 8th floor at 393 University Ave, Toronto in Courtrooms 801 and 802 on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday at 9:30 am.  Gowns are not required.

Click here for a link to the practice direction concerning Civil Practice Court.

You can book an appearance at Civil Practice Court by emailing a Requisition to Attend Civil Practice Court to form to CivilPracticeCourt@ontario.ca.

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