A Chronology for Trial Preparation

We read a lot about trials over here and recently stumbled upon a goldmine of advocacy and trial resources, including in podcast format.

John Hollander runs The Advocacy Club based out of Ottawa.  In addition to some very practical handbooks authored by John for Irwin Law, John also hosts podcasts on the issues of careers and advocacy.

John conducted an outstanding interview with Jeff Saikaley on trial preparation.  The first half of the interview is career-related and the second half (starting at 24:47) discusses the use of a chronology as a trial preparation tool.

One reason this is so interesting is that very few lawyers have a systematic approach to trial preparation.  Another reason is that the chronology helps the lawyer deal with the details concerning facts, dates, witnesses and documents – fundamentals that can make or break a case.

Click here to listen to John Hollander’s interview with Jeff Saikaley

With permission from Jeff Saikaley, we’re pleased to share his template chronology.  Click on the image below to download Jeff’s chronology.

Thank you John and Jeff for generously sharing your interview and chronology!



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