Theory of the case, Opening Statement, Closing Argument

There are many great books about trials covering theory of the case, opening statement and closing argument.  Here’s a short list of the top books for civil trials:

HOW TO WINg A TRIAL – Mick Hassell

Leveraging the 6 trial fundamentals to prepare and conduct trials. A plug for my own book. Click here for full details.

Cross-Examination Science and Techniques – Pozner and Dodd

Pozner and Dodd are leaders on how to cross-examine, detailing a system for preparing and conducting cross-examinations unlike any other book.  And there are high-level chapters on advanced cross-examination techniques.

Addressing the Jury – Roger Oatley

Oatley’s text is required reading for anyone doing jury trials and will take the reader through the theory of the case, opening statement and closing argument for jury trials.

Ontario Courtroom Procedure – Sanderson and Fuerst

This text has all the details of what goes on in a Courtroom, ranging from which side of the Courtroom to sit on to rules governing opening statement and closing argument.

On Trial – Geoffrey Adair

Adair shares a wealth of civil trial experience and walks the reader through all stages of a civil trial.

Trial of an Action – John Sopinka

Sopinka is old school and authoritative when is comes to civil trials.

Examination of Witnesses in Criminal Cases – Earl Levy

Civil litigators have a lot to learn from criminal lawyers, who spend more time on their feet in Court. This text shares some criminal lawyer insight from a criminal defence lawyer turned plaintiff personal injury lawyer.

LSUC Refresher Course Lectures, Practice: Trials – Martin Shaver

This CPD was designed for members of the armed forces in 1945 and is one of the most straightforward articles written about jury trial practice.

Labour Arbitrations and All That – John Sanderson

Sanderson’s text is about labour arbitrations, but it is relevant to all types of arbitration, regardless of practice area.

Civil Litigation – David Stockwood

Stockwood walks the reader through a litigation matter from start to finish, has an appendix on running a litigation law firm and shares an interesting approach for a 2 binder trial system.

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