How to Maintain an Exhibit List

It is important to keep track of exhibits as they are entered.  The key information to record is as follows:

  1. Exhibit number;
  2. The party who introduced the exhibit;
  3. The date of the exhibit; and
  4. A description of the exhibit.

You can easily set up an exhibit list on a page of paper or print off our precedent Exhibit List.

A joint trial document brief may be introduced as a single exhibit and then the tabs may be referenced during the trial as in, for example “exhibit 1, tab 10”.

Items marked for identification are those that are shown to a witness for comment and later formally entered as an exhibit by another witness.

A numbered exhibit is part of the trial record that will normally go to the Jury.  A lettered exhibit is one that will not go to the jury but is included for the trial Judge’s reference and in the event of an appeal.

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