How to find a lawyer in Ontario – the initial email

This article lists the key things that should be included in an initial email to a civil litigation / civil trial lawyer.

Here is what should be included in the initial email.

  1. Your name and telephone number.
  2. A brief, non-legal description of the case. This should be short; 1-2 sentences in length is good.
  3. The names of all other parties to the litigation. This is for conflict check purposes.
  4. Information on the status of the case. For example, has a lawsuit been started? If so, what stage is the lawsuit at: pleadings, discoveries, mediation, pre-trial or trial?
  5. Any upcoming Court dates or deadlines you are aware of.
  6. The best method to get in touch with you and the best time to do so.

You should not include details about your case or attach any documents. The goal of the initial email is simply to identify key things that a civil litigation / civil trial lawyer needs to know in order to decide whether or not they may be able to assist.

Here is a sample initial email:

My name is John Doe. My telephone number is 123-456-7890. I want to sue my former employer for wrongful dismissal as I was fired 6 months ago. The name of my former employer is ABC Inc. No lawsuit has been started yet. I can be reached by email throughout the day or a phone call in the afternoon would be convenient.

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