Ontario Civil Action Forms & Precedents

Many civil action Court forms under the Rules of Civil Procedure are available online here, however, they are not formatted in a usable way. The Court forms and precedents below are professionally formatted for ease of use.


Information For Court Use

(you do not need this form if you issue online here)

Notice of Action

(use only if time is tight to obtain 30 day extension for statement of claim)

Statement of Claim

Notice of Intent to Defend

Statement of Defence


Jury Notice

Pleading Amendments

Consent to Amend Statement of Claim

Consent to Amend Statement of Defence


Affidavit of Documents – Individual

Affidavit of Documents – Corporation or Partnership

Notice of Examination


Mediation Brief

Moving Action from Ordinary Procedure to Simplified Procedure

Consent and Notice to Continue Action Under Rule 76

Set Down For Trial (simplified procedure)

Notice of Readiness for Pre-Trial Conference (simplified procedure only)

Simplified Procedure Trial Record (compliant with January 1, 2020 changes to rule 76)

Note this simplified procedure trial record is compliant with January 1, 2020 rule changes.

It does not need to be served and filed until 10 days before trial.

Set Down for Trial (ordinary procedure)

Ordinary Procedure Trial Record

Requisition to Set Action Down for Trial

Certificate Regarding Mediation

Other Civil Forms

Request to Admit

Response to Request to Admit

Additional Court Forms & Precedents

More Trial Forms

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