Crime, Sin and Damn Good Fun

“Journal of a Country Lawyer: Crime, Sin and Damn Good Fun” by E.C. (Ted) Burton.

What a great title for a law book. And on the cover is Ted driving an outboard holding a fish and having a smoke framed on the backdrop of a birch tree.

Crime, Sin and Damn Good Fun

In an enviably unpolished and straight shooting manner, Ted Burton recounts a handful of awesome stories from his legal career as a Crown Attorney in northern Ontario ranging from a stolen trainload of whiskey to a dynamiter in a bank.

There are a lot of interesting comments on the legal system throughout the book. By the end of his career, Ted was not a fan of the Charter and takes potshots at it. Yet at the same time, he writes that:

“It is my thesis that if society and its law makers would only make the appropriate distinctions between crime, sin and damn good fun, the administration of justice would be greatly simplified.”

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