Trial Readiness Check-up

If you have a pre-trial conference or trial on the horizon, our complimentary Trial Readiness Check-up is a diagnostic tool based on the 6 Trial Fundamentals to assess your level of trial readiness. The Trial Readiness Check-up takes about 6 minutes and your checkup results will be reviewed by a seasoned trial lawyer, who will identify trial resources to help you get trial ready.

The best way to maximise the value of litigation is to prepare all cases for trial.

Please note that submitting a Trial Readiness Check-up does not make you a client of Hassell Trial Counsel and any response is to provide trial information, not trial legal advice.

The Trial Readiness Check-up is not a trial checklist. If you need a trial checklist, please check out the Ontario Civil Trial Checklist. If you are interested in learning the nuts and bolts of trial, our book HOW TO WINg A TRIAL will help.