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Trial Counsel Services

We offer trial counsel and trial consulting services.  Clients often want trial counsel, but need trial consulting.

Trial Consulting

We offer 4 trial consulting services:

1.  Valuation – our trial experience enables us to appropriately value litigation.
2.  Strategy – we leverage the 6 Trial Fundamentals to maximise litigation value.
3.  Negotiation – we compare settlement and trial options and are effective at resolution.
4.  Trial – we support lawyers and litigants as they prepare for and conduct trials.

Trial Counsel

In any litigation, trial is a last resort.  Trial is a common threat and a rare event.

We act as trial counsel for law firms, businesses and individuals serious about trial.


Not sure where to start?  A good staring point is a fixed fee consultation.

Retainers and Fees

Retainer agreements and fee quotes are available upon request.

Please call (416) 944-2274 or email for more information.

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