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Legal Fee Disagreements

Lawyer-client retainer agreements are contracts and there are duties beyond the contract imposed upon the lawyer. Most legal fee disagreements can be avoided or resolved through good communication. This article […]

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How to Bring a Motion for Removal as Lawyer of Record

Rule 15.04 of the Rules of Civil Procedure sets out the rules on motions for removal from the record in Ontario. The rule was updated January 1, 2019. This blog […]

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Self-Representation of Corporations in Superior Court

Rule 15.01(2) of the Rules of Civil Procedure states that: A party to a proceeding that is a corporation shall be represented by a lawyer, except with leave of the […]

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Trial Management Plan for Simplified Procedure Rule 76 Trials

Starting January 2020, the simplified procedure increases to $200,000, Juries are removed for most cases and trials are restricted to 5 days. To actually get trials completed in 5 days, […]

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Simplified Procedure Trials increase to $200,000

On January 1, 2020, the simplified procedure limit increases to $200,000. There are a number of changes that go with the increase. Claims Started after January 1, 2020 There are […]

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Discontinuance or Dismissal?

A common term of settlement is that the case will be dismissed on consent and without costs. This is a formality to close off the case before the Courts. It’s […]

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