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On the Record with Trial Lawyer Jack Fireman

On the Record, Episode 7 is an interview about the strategy of trial, in particular the strategy of questions asked and the choreography of the Courtroom. Mick Hassell interviews Jack Fireman who has 50 […]

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Read the Judgment: Interview with Barrister Darryl Singer

On the Record, Episode 6 is an interview about the the justice system and the importance of reading the Court’s decision in order to be able to make informed commentary about the outcome. […]

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Steps in a Superior Court Lawsuit in Ontario

The technical term for a lawsuit in Ontario is a “civil action”. It’s where someone is suing someone else, usually for money or property. The steps in a lawsuit are […]

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Interview with Trial Lawyer Karen McArthur

On the Record, Episode 5 is an interview about the intangible skills necessary for success at trial and beyond: creativity, confidence and courageousness. Mick Hassell has the honour of interviewing legendary Criminal […]

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Family Law Trial Statistics: 7.33% Likelihood of Trial

Over the past 5 years, an average of  77,537  Ontarians begin family law proceedings each year and since there is an applicant and respondent, that’s an average 155,074 people getting involved […]

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