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Personal Injury Trials in Ontario

Over the past 5 years, 59.26% or roughly 60% of all trials before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice civil trials have been personal injury-related. 45% of all civil trials […]

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Top 10 Business Disputes Going to Trial in Ontario

These numbers will be of interest to commercial litigators in Ontario and across Canada. What are the top 10 areas for business disputes?  Which business disputes go to trial? In 2014, 66,783 […]

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Motor Vehicle Accident Trials Commonplace in Ontario

Motor vehicle accident claims account for roughly 30% of all claims issued in Ontario.  Not surprisingly, a majority of claims issued fall into the ordinary procedure: claims over $100,000.  In […]

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Employment Law Trials On The Rise – Over 5% Go To Trial

Just over 5% of all employment cases started before the Ontario Superior Court end up at trial. And the number of employment law trials has grown in recent years.  According to the Ministry […]

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What are people suing about in Ontario and Canada?

Canada is a litigious country.  1 out of every 100 Canadians starts a legal proceeding each year. Click on the link at the bottom of this post to see what […]

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