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Small Claims Court Trials

Some key considerations in preparing for and conducting trials in Small Claims Court, from the perspective of a trial lawyer: Settlement Conference Rule 13.05 presents a lot of opportunity to seek […]

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Fundamentals of Cross-Examination

Cross-examination is the most important thing a trial lawyer does. Judges and Juries love cross-examination, it is where things get interesting. Cross-examination gives the trial lawyer the opportunity to advance their […]

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Common Objections

How objectionable should you be at trial? As in life, as unobjectionable as possible.  Yet there are times when lines are being crossed, certain evidence needs to be excluded and the record […]

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Law of Evidence Fundamentals

If you’re going to trial, beyond knowing your case, Courtroom procedure and the law that applies to your case, you need to know the law of evidence in order to make […]

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Ontario Evidence Act Notices

If you’re going to trial in Ontario, you need to be aware of the need for and how to complete Evidence Act notices. For information on Evidence Act notices for business […]

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Getting your Witnesses to Trial: Summons or Subpoena, Attendance Money, Logistics

Sometimes you need to track down your eyewitnesses.  The good samaritan leaves a business card or cell number, but many disappear.  Get on top of this fast. Even if you […]

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Exhibit Lists

As your trial or hearing progresses, what info should you track as exhibits are entered? The exhibit number/letter, date if it’s a document (or note it is undated), description of […]

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Speeding Ticket Trials

If you’re a lawyer, you’ve probably had family and friends tell you they’ve got a speeding ticket and what should they do. If you’re a family member or friend of […]

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