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When Push Comes to Shove: Settle or Go to Trial?

Should I settle or go to trial?

Lawyers routinely ask me this question when a pre-trial conference or trial is on the horizon.

I can usually get a sense of a case on a phone call and enjoy sizing up cases – call Mick Hassell at (416) 944-2274.

However, sometimes lawyers want a thorough assessment and that’s where a formal written trial opinion can help:

  • Evaluate the likelihood of success at trial and financial viability of trial;
  • Assess a rule 49 offer or establish an appropriate rule 49 offer;
  • Provide a second opinion for the lawyer of record (second set of eyes);
  • Provide independent legal advice (ILA) / a second opinion for a client (note: we do not take clients on directly);
  • Recommend what to do to prepare for trial; and/or
  • Recommend what to do at trial.

Click here for more information on trial opinions – including what the trial opinion covers.


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