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Trialbot: Artificial Intelligence Trial Robot

Artificial intelligence has been getting serious traction in the legal industry.

Leveraging existing technology, notably optical character recognition and voice recognition software, “Trialbot”, an artificial intelligence trial robot is able to analyze vast databanks and generate questions for direct and cross-examination, including on the fly at trial during viva voce evidence.  Trialbot is able to recommend what questions to ask and how to phrase them, distinguishing between open and leading questions.

“Trialbot does not yet eliminate the need for trial lawyers” says Mick Hassell of Hassell Trial Counsel, “while Trialbot is able to review all facts and uncover virtually every single evidentiary inconsistency, it is not yet sophisticated enough to determine which facts and inconsistencies are crucial to the theory of the case”.

As things stand, Trialbot is able to recommend which facts may be of more significance to the case than others.  This is accomplished through the use of key words called “theme words” in the software.  Where one or more theme words connect to a fact, the associated direct and cross-examination questions are given a higher ranking.

According to Hassell, “a trial lawyer’s judgment is still required to decide which questions to move forward with, although Trialbot’s ability to group questions into chapters of direct and cross-examination is quite remarkable.”

Trialbot is not just a trial preparation tool, it can receive data in the form of both documents via scanner and oral evidence via microphone at trial in order to flag potential objections, track exhibits and most significantly generate cross-examination and redirect questions on the go.

The days of trial robots such as Trialbot representing clients are not yet upon us, but in the long term with some further software advances and judicial acceptance, a trial lawyer robot is possible.  Meanwhile, Trialbot will serve to assist lawyers and even guide non-lawyers through their trials.

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