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Trial Counsel Fee Schedule

Our Approach

Every case is unique and we establish a fee on a case-by-case basis.

Our fee is based on value: importance of the matter, complexity, time, effort, risk and results.

Trial days in Court are charged at a premium.

*** Due to demand, we are only accepting select trial retainers. ***


Trial Counsel

As trial counsel, we’ll quote a trial fee based on:

  • A daily or weekly rate for trial preparation and trial.  Bear in mind that trial preparation takes more time than the trial.
  • For appropriate cases, a contingency fee, where our fee is based on a percentage of the law firm of record’s percentage.  There may be a minimum fee depending on the risk/reward ratio.
  • A hybrid fee comprised of a base fee (daily, weekly or fixed fee) plus a success fee.


Trial Consulting

Trial consulting is available as follows:

  • Trial opinions, consultations and conference calls on a fixed fee basis.
  • On-going advice for trial preparation and trial on an hourly rate basis.


More Information

Retainer agreements and fee quotes are available upon request.

Please call (416) 944-2274 or email for more information.

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