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The Power of a Formal Legal Network: Interview with Ashleigh Frankel

On the Record, Episode A is an interview about the power of a formal legal network.  This is a great service for sole practitioners and small firms who want to punch above their weight in a structured way.

Ashleigh FrankelMick Hassell interviews Ashleigh Frankel of Flex Legal Network.  Ashleigh has over 10 years as a corporate and commercial lawyer, she is extremely entrepreneurial and co-founded Flex Legal Network.

Ashleigh touches upon the quality control and high service levels provided by a formal network approach as well as how work is appropriately assigned to lawyers in the network.  The response has been positive.

By way of background is an interview Flex Legal Network co-founder Erin Cowling did with Building New Law, a podcast hosted by Peter Aprile and Natalie Worsfold that provides a wonderful overview of freelance lawyering.

Please click here for our podcast page to hear Ashleigh’s interview, Episode A


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