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Motor Vehicle Accident Trials Commonplace in Ontario

Motor vehicle accident claims account for roughly 30% of all claims issued in Ontario.  Not surprisingly, a majority of claims issued fall into the ordinary procedure: claims over $100,000.  In fact, 97.5% of motor vehicle accident claims are issued in the ordinary procedure.

Significantly, motor vehicle accident trials account for roughly 45% of all trials in Ontario.  Motor vehicle accident cases are among the most likely civil cases to proceed to trial.

Although there has been a slight decline in the number of motor vehicle accident claims issued in the past 3 years, the number of claims going to trial is increasing.

According to the Ministry of the Attorney General:

Motor vehicle claims issued

2012 – 22,654 (21,918 ordinary and 736 simplified)

2013 – 19,818 (19,076 ordinary and 742 simplified)

2014 – 19,556 (19,019 ordinary and 537 simplified)

Motor vehicle claims going to trial

2012 – 960 (956 ordinary and 4 simplified)

2013 – 1,056 (1,034 ordinary and 22 simplified)

2014 – 1,218 (1,202 ordinary and 16 simplified)

Contingency fee trial lawyers

Hassell Trial Counsel offers trial retainer arrangements to lawyers and law firms on a contingency fee basis.  Our contingency fee is a % of the lawyer of record’s %.

Retaining a trial lawyer enables the personal injury lawyer of record to avoid the time and disruption of going to trial. Most personal injury lawyers can resolve 3+ cases in the amount of time it takes to prepare for and go to a single trial.  It makes financial sense to hire a trial law firm to conduct trials as your law firm’s agent.

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