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Introducing Mick’s Trial Manual

I love going to trial.

I understand why cases settle, but I always find settlement a bit disappointing and I’m left imaging what would have happened at trial.

My enjoyment of trials is why I’ve focused my practice on acting as trial counsel for law firms.

While I am external counsel, I work together with firms to advance the case at trial.  Whether I act as the lawyer of record’s agent or as co-counsel, I believe that more can get done and better results achieved with a team approach.

In the spirit of collaboration, I’m pleased to introduce Mick’s Trial Manual.

Mick’s Trial Manual is a pratical online resource of trial information and trial precedents designed for law firms across Ontario involved in civil and commercial litigation in Superior Court.  Click here to check out the trial manual.

I hope the trial manual assists your practice.  Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss any civil or commercial trial.

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