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How to Control the Costs of Trial

We’re outraged by the costs of trial reported by Canadian Lawyer Magazine, which you can review here.

Notice the differences between civil and criminal.  A major factor is this discrepancy is unnecessary pre-trial procedures in civil cases.

What can you do to control the costs of trial?

1. Avoid trial.  Settle through negotiation and/or mediation.

2. Retain a trial lawyer.  Their experience will save you money.  You can retain a trial lawyer for consulting purposes or full-blown trial representation.

3. Focus on what matters.  Or you waste your time, energy and money.

4. Cooperate and agree with opposing counsel.  A 5 day trial can be a 1 day trial through cooperation and agreement.  Agree on the issues for trial, documents for trial and as many facts as possible for trial.  This way all examinations and argument will focus on what matters.

5. Arbitrate civil matters.  You can design the process and potentially save over 50% of the costs of trial.  For more information see Hassell Arbitration.

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