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Employment Law Intake Process

Our intake process for employment law trials involves the following:

  1. Briefs: please email or courier us an electronic copy of the mediation briefs or pre-trial conference briefs.  If no mediation ore pre-trial has occurred, then we ask for a summary of what happened, a copy of the pleadings and key contracts.
  2. Your Insight: We ask for any added insight you have on the case concerning liability, damages and settlement discussions.  This can be a short email or telephone call.
  3. Client Interview: We may require an opportunity to speak with your client in person or over the phone.
  4. Your Retainer Agreement: Only if you act on a contingency fee basis, we review your retainer agreement to appreciate its terms and to ensure trial is financially viable for all involved.

We will follow up with any questions or document requests arising from the above in order to complete the intake.  Once complete, we will provide a fee quote for your consideration.

Call Mick Hassell at (416) 944-2274 or email to discuss any upcoming employment law trial and how we can help.

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