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Calculating Damages in Business Disputes

Calculating special damages in business disputes is a fairly mechanical exercise but can be daunting and time-consuming and slow down business / commercial litigation.

This post and the article linked at the bottom relate to damages that need to be tallied up as opposed to damages that require the opinion of a financial expert.

Clients can save a great deal in legal and accounting fees by organising the numbers and financial records.  The article linked below provides the tables to help organise things.

Bookkeepers, accountants and other financial experts are great at pulling the numbers together and need to appreciate their end use at trial.

Licensees (paralegals and lawyers) need to be able to manage a large volume of numbers and financial records and guide clients and financial professionals to pull everything together in a presentable manner for all stages of the litigation, especially: pleadings, affidavits of documents, requests to admit and trial.

The article linked below uses a standardised table format that can be shared with clients, bookkeepers, accountants, other financial experts, paralegals and lawyers to help keep everyone on the same page and facilitate an efficient and effective organisation of the numbers and supporting financial records.

Hassell Trial Counsel on Calculating Damages in Business Disputes

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